Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Very Random Link up. What a day in your life looks like.

Hey lovelies!! Welcome to the Very Random Link up!! Can you believe this is the last Tuesday of February?
I would say I'm in disbelief but I'm way to excited! First comes March and then comes April and then comes one happy girl who's been hibernating all winter because of the cold! Seriously guys, I'm not one to complain. I always try to see things have full but this winter has been awful and the coldest it's ever been in like a million years! And maybe I could have enjoyed it much better if I was more prepared for winter but I wasn't.. I know next time!

Any who lets get back to the link up shall we?

The very random Link up is not your ordinary link up. We will be doing topics different months.
Example: A vlogging month, about me month, and trying new recipes month.

One of my most favorite things about blogging is the relationships that come with it. the relationships that start out as a fellow blogger and turns into  a friend or even  a sister.

That is what these two ladies above have become in the last year. We've started out as fellow bloggers, to friends, to sisters and it is just so so amazing how God could use such a thing as blogging to bring us together. and we want that same relationship with you. That's why Sarah and I decided to start this fun random link up is because we wanted to find fun ways to get to know you and meet more of you! Will you join our very random community? 

 Each Month Sarah and I will pick a topic. It may be a vlogging month, a month of encouraging posts. anything. Some months we'll ask the questions and other months we just want to hear your thoughts and your heart. Have a topic or question  idea?  We'd love to hear it!

Today's question is:
What does a day in your life look like?

4:00AM) I get up, Brew my coffee and eat my favorite meal of the day. After that I read my bible, my devotionals and journal while listening to worship music.

5:30Am) I usually work on my Ebook along with catching up on blogging and scheduling blogs ahead of time. 

6:30-7:00 Am)I usually start to hear little noises from my little love who's ready to get up and start her day. I usually let her chill for a bit before giving her breakfast because sometimes she needs time alone to wake up and during that time I usually read her a Psalm.

7:30 Am) After Breakfast Evelynne usually plays with her toys and watches Mickey mouse or Barney. If it were warmer out we'd do our walks around this time too!
This would also be the time my tired man in uniform comes home from work. I'll make his breakfast and he goes to bed.

8:00Am) If Evelynne has a morning nap this is around the time she has it. And if she does this is the time when I usually read some blogs and drink my second cup of coffee.

9:00Am) Evelynne should be up and she usually has her first snacks. After that we play and usually we're having a play date at this time with some friends.

11:00Am) Because both Evie and I wake up so early we usually eat on the earlier end so this is lunch time.

12-1:00 Pm) Evelynne goes down for her afternoon nap while I work on my future Etsy Business and house cleaning if need be.

2-2:30Pm) Evie should be up and ready for her second snack. For snack time she usually gets anything from fruit, smoothies, and little finger foods. If I'm not done with house chores I usually let her watch more TV so I can finish up. I am so incredible guilty of letting Evie watch to much TV during the winter. Because we can't really go outside to play with it being so cold it's really all we can do right now.. Plus it's Educational!

3:00Pm) If we do some music this is the time we usually do it and sometimes we do it early in the morning to with play time. I turn some worship music on and we dance around the house like Disney Princess' haha! Also sometimes I'll try to play some guitar.

4:00Pm) This is the time I usually  start dinner. My goal is to have dinner done at 5:00pm.

5:00pm) If there's no complications dinner should be ready. During this time of year we usually have lots of soups. Sometimes Leon eats with us and sometimes he doesn't. It really depends on what time he wakes up.

6:00Pm) Right now usually the dishes are done from dinner and Evie and I are in chill mode. I bath her and we play for a bit and because she'll actually chill for a bit I usually watch "Your baby can read" with her and after that we watch some Lindsey Stirling on youtube.

7-7:30pm) Evelynne is usually ready for bed at this time.. If Leon's up he'll put her to bed. Sometimes she refuses and other times she just lays down with a smile and I definitely prefer those!

8:00Pm) At this time it is the only husband and wife time we get.. and sometimes we don't even get this. So we usually just lay in bed together and snuggle and just appreciate each others company.

8:30-9:00Pm) I say goodbye to my dear hubby and I go to bed.

Note: This isn't my everyday schedule of course. Some days it's jammy days, other days it's cleaning days and sometimes I just have off days. But it's my usual schedule. 

What do your days normally look like?

Month topic.
March 4th 60.
For the month of March we are doing a topic called 60. Where we  do a vlogging game where we ask 60 questions in 60 seconds and you have to answer as much as possible!  Are you up for the challenge?


  1. Oh my gosh! Hooooooow do you get up at 4 each day? I get up at 5:30;5:45 with Eric each morning and that just about kills me! Even though we go to bed at 9-9:30 each night! Ah!
    Where did you get that little ball pit thing? Funnest "toy" ever!!

  2. 4am?! Aye! Good for you, though!! I love that you are such a devoted mother. Evie is the luckiest little girl! =)

  3. Wow I don't think I would have the discipline to wake up at 4am if not for work! As it is now I get up at 4:30am, you are a rock star that I didn't once see naptime scheduled for Mommy!

  4. I cannot imagine getting up that early! Wow. But sounds like you had a very productive day!

  5. Wow! You're an early riser!! I didn't exactly write out what I do hour by hour on the link I added but they're still a picture into my days as a momma! I love the background design on your blog. Super cute! And your little one is precious!! I have a 11 month old, being a momma is the BEST!


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