Friday, February 28, 2014

Next stop Ocean City where all your dreams come true.. or not. {Our Journey Series) pt 4

So firstly I want to apologize for not posting this last Friday.. I hit an early Spring cleaning mode and totally missed it! Don't hate :) 

Ocean City day came and boy was I excited. I've been looking forward to this day all week and tried my hardest not to picture him kissing me passionately  in the wide open spaces of the beach in front of the water... Not going there..

So they came and we went three hours in the car with the most attractive guy I've ever met and one of my best friends.

The things we talked about in the car I have no remembrance of  but the one thing that stayed close to me to this day was how thoughtful and generous Leon was and still is.. When we got to the toll Leon not only gave him three dollars for our vehicle but also three dollars for the vehicle behind us.. I remember saying at the moment (in my head of course) I so want to marry this guy!

We finally arrived and grabbed a bite to eat at the dough roller.. a.k.a One of the best pizza places ever!
After that we headed to the beach. For the first ten minutes we all just laid in the sand and enjoyed ourselves before getting all wet. As we were all laying there Leon happened to look over at me saying

"Heather, I don't mean for this to sounds awkward but you have great legs!"

yep, and shortly after that a laughing spell between all of us took place!  After enjoying the nice weather Leon wanted to get in the water.. I love the ocean however, swimming  in the ocean is not something I fancy.. I will speak for myself when I say that swimming in the ocean to me is like swimming in sewage water uck! But when Leon asked me to swim with him I couldn't say no.. I mean what girl doesn't secretly dream about swimming in the poo big blue ocean with a super attractive guy?

Ashley didn't want to swim so it was just Leon and I.. As we were slowly entering the water Leon just Looked at me with the cutest smile ever and said.

"So you don't have to answer this if you don't want to but I'm curious to what you are looking for in a future husband?"

I wanted so badly to say "I'm looking at him!" But thought that maybe I  was going  a bit far so I answered.

"Well, I'm desiring a man after God's own heart. Who would put God before himself and me and The Lord told me specifically that my future husband would be older than me and also a Pastor/Evangelist. What about you?"

He told me that He was looking for a woman who was so lost in Jesus that He would need to seek Him in order to find her. He also told me he was looking for a Virtuous woman.

We had so much fun in the ocean and I could so tell he wanted to hold my hand. We were in the ocean for three hours just asking each other questions that would normally be asked on a first date or something.. We went through pet peeves, God, where we saw ourselves in ten years, hobbies and just random things and just hearing his every answer and just feeling the love of Jesus through him instantly I felt love towards him. I've never met a man so on fire and so in love with Jesus.

It was there in the ocean when he was trying to catch and befriend  the baby crab that I realized I actually loved him.. I really did.

After we came back Leon ran to the car to get all of our bags so we could change and walk the boardwalk.. While he was gone Ashley looked at me and said.

"Soooo what do you think of my brother? He's pretty cute, huh?"

Yep, I guess I'm easy to read because his sister read me like a book in three hours.. I was madly in love with her brother and she knew it.
She told me that Leon is starting to be really curious about me and how he calls me Fruit lady to all of his friends because I bare much Spiritual fruit..

(Btw, I find it hilarious that both Leon and I had secret nick names for each other! He secretly called me Fruit Lady to all of his buds which could seriously be taken the wrong way!! And my secret nick name for him was Preacher man because he is like a walking Bible.)

When Leon came back we went to the boardwalk to enjoy the best boardwalk fries ever along with ice cream. mmmm Perfection! It was so amazing walking next to the man that I could totally see myself marrying.. Plus I just knew by now he liked me! There was just no going around it.

After coming home I felt so shaky from excitement and possibly butterflies.. I had no idea what was coming next but I was excited to see. I mean why would he ask me all these questions, act liked he wanted to hold my hand, and tell me I had great legs if he didn't have the hots for me??

That night he texted me saying how happy he was to spend the day getting to know me better and how he's looking forward to seeing me Sunday.

Sunday came and I just knew that this time things would be different. He was going to talk to me more follow me every where I went like a love puppy and maybe even ask me out on a real date!

I couldn't have been more wrong.. It was exactly the same as any Sundays no, actually worse. He showed up late and didn't even come say high to me but instead walked right passed me as if he didn't see me.. I wasn't sure if I was crushing on a jerk or someone who had absolutely no clue! I was so confused.

Come back next Friday to read
 part five.

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  1. Ah! So adorable! I can't wait to read the next parts!!! :)

  2. You guys have a beautiful story. I am still waiting for God to write my love story. =)

  3. This post is so adorable on so many levels. First off, I'm a Maryland blogger and we go to OC SEVERAL times a year (some friends own a condo.) It's by far one of my favorite places in the world and this post totally reminded me of sunnier, warmer days. So, thanks for that! ;)

  4. What a cute story. Looking forward to reading the rest! :)

  5. Ahhh...I love this story! And it's so beautifully written!


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