Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Evelynne's 15 month

I'm a day late but who's counting?

At 14 Months Evelynne is:
running!! I love watching her run around the house.. It really is like hearing sweet music.
Waving high and bye.
Saying:  Dada, Mama, Up, dog, cat, and Ga (short for Grandma) Ah (short for Auntie Ashley, and her newest "Mooo"! It's the cutest thing!
Still loving to dance!
Shakes her head no and sometimes yes.
Is signing please on and off. 
Out smarting the gates! Yikes!!
Cuddles at night <3
 Plays peek-a-boo.

Nicknames: Evie, Piglet, Little love, Princess, munchkin and sweet pea,Miss, Beautiful, espresso bean
Evelynne is loving:
Mr. Giraffe.
Sophie the giraffe 
Pinky the giraffe 
& Mr bear.
(She picks which stuffed animal she loves more every day!)
whip cream. 
(Every time she sees me with a starbucks or coffee she knows!!) 
Bananas and all kinds of fruit.
Her veggie smoothie
Her rocking horse
                                                 Sophie the giraffe colors book
Being outside.
Getting out of the stroller and walking on her own.
When dada comes home.
Being read and sung too. 
                                   Her pride and prejudice book given to her by this lovely lady.

                                                                         Evelynne doesn't like:

Being told "no"

time outs. Yes, we started the time outs. 

A majority of veggies (Which is why I've been giving her veggie juice)

Nap time. 
Eating: I started weening her on Monday.. So far so good!
She pretty much eats everything we do in smaller forms. She has been a little picky lately but never says no to cheese, chicken,fruit,yogurt and Annies fruitsnacks!


Leon has been working so much recently and it has been so hard for him and Evie to have time together. I know so many think "Well, he needs to make time". But you know what? My husband is a police officer and sometimes he has to work. Right now him and our daughter have two very different schedules and some days they barely get to see each other which is sad but not his fault.   Any who, It's been hard for them lately but hopefully on his next day off him and Evie will get to have some Father daughter time while I get some mama alone time!

Excited for things to come. I'm excited for Spring, My mommy group, going Spring shopping with my little love and also just going on walks every day again. Last weekend was in the 60's and it was amazing and has given this mama hope.. Now it's snowing..

                                                                                   What I'm looking forward to:
    I told you I was looking forward to Spring right?? haha. I REALLY want to get a family portrait done with my family soon.. We haven't had one done professionally yet.. I know *gasp. It's embarrassing really considering how much I love photography. But with Leon's schedule it makes it so hard to plan.. However, coming Spring I so want to get one done!

Events that took place last month.

Leon and I are really going to have to start watching what we do in front of Evelynne. Last week being the perfect example. Leon and I were cleaning our room and Leon bent over to get something so I took advantage of the opportunity and gave him a good smack and we had our laughs. A little bit later when Leon bent over a second time guess what little missy did?? Yep, you guessed it! She walked over and gave Leon a nice little smack and then started laughing! Leon and I couldn't help but laugh! It was the funniest thing she has ever done but seriously, I don't want her doing it ever again.. Can you imagine if she did that to a stranger?? Awkward haha......

She is now in a big girl car seat!! I think Leon and I love it just as much as she does. She can see us and it's so much easier to hand her things and keep her occupied in her not wanting to sit days.

Last Monday my Friend and I took our girls to baby gym for the first time and we were amazed by how great it was! The girls loved it and so did we and considering there's a starbucks right next to it we were speechless from excitement!More pics to come.
Valentines day week was so much fun. Lots of cookie making.
Last Saturday Mama Riley and I took Evie to  the furniture store to spice up our home.. We are doing a total makeover to our home and it's gonna look amazing when it's finished!  Afterwards we took Evie to Petsmart to see the fish and other animals. Honestly, I wasn't surprised when she showed much more interest in the rats and little dragons than anything else.. yep, she's a tomboy in the making.

We are starting to do more crafts and we both enjoy it so much!! It's much easier to do it when Evie has her older friend Emma over. She loves doing things the way Emma does it and thankfully it doesn't involve putting paint in your mouth which is what Evie likes to do when no ones watching.

Dearest Evelynne.
Happy 15 Months sweet girl.. Your name means "A beautiful breath of life" and that's exactly what you have given us these past 15 months. You are brave, strong, energetic and loving and you are such a wonderful girl.
I'm so excited to see what the future will bring! Love you mu Espresso bean!



  1. Aw she is so sweet! I think children really start providing mega-laughs at this sort of age and it seems Evie is doing just that! x

  2. She is such a beautiful girl! Those big brown eyes! I'm sure daddy is preparing himself for when she's a teenager! Lol!!! Can I take your family pics?!? Please please please!!! ;)

  3. I can't get over how beautiful she is! I'm so glad that she likes her book. And the smacking daddy is the funniest story!!

  4. Sweet update! She is precious! That giraffe is impressively huge!

  5. Sounds like she is doing great!

  6. Oh my goodness! She is precious! I could watch these videos all day! And I totally feel you on the Spring. It was so warm over the weekend and now it is snowing. Ugh. Praying that Leon gets to spend some time with Evie soon!


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