Friday, February 7, 2014

He walked back into my life. {Our Journey Series}

Fridays came and went  and still no Leon.. So I pretty much gave up on him and decided to start dating.. I loved the idea of being an a relationship in fact I was desperate.. I desired love and affection. I wanted a boy a man to love me.. So I did what any other man crazy desperate girl would do.. I signed up for a few online dating websites. YIKES!  LOL No they're really not that bad and I know of some women who have actually met their  husbands on there. I think they're great.. Only somehow I ended up with all the creepers..

Most memorable/scariest  questions asked:
"How longeth be thou hair fair maiden?"

"You don't have to answer this if you don't want to but what kind of panties are you wearing?"

AHHH!.. I closed my account after that and was never seen on there again! I was scared away from creeper and even creepier!!
About a week later one of my friends told me about this guy (who shall not be named) who was my perfect match! We had a blind phone date and apparently he was not only  desperate to where it was creepy but also super emotional.. Within two phone dates the man not only had a love song for us but also decided already where we were going for our honey moon.. Did I mention his ideas for a honeymoon is to visit a famous pope? or something like that.. The relationship didn't last long.. Maybe a week? I spend 5 out of 7 days crying each night on how to gently let this guy go...

 I honestly felt The Holy Spirit telling me throughout this short term relationship that this man didn't love Jesus the way I needed him to love Jesus.. He was in love with the idea of love but he really didn't know what love was nor how to love me.  That's why he constantly tried to buy my love with money.. Constantly he always wanted to buy me things and give me money and I thought it was super odd and unattractive even.
A few weeks later my mom's friend Ginny invited me to go to a youth event at her church.. I was just about to graduate High school so I thought it would be fun! And who knows there might be a cute guy there to sweep me off my feet! (Have a mentioned I was boy crazy??)

So that Sunday night came and to my surprise there he was..  Man, I had no idea how many times Leon had entered and left my life. Leon taught the Middle school students on Sunday nights and when I found that out my attraction for him grew even more!

I remember that night like it was yesterday.. I remember wondering why this crazy man was wearing shorts in January. I remember thinking he was adorable, and I also remember not having the guts to go tell him so!

Later that night I happened to be sitting next to an incredible college student named Ashley.. We got to talking about everything. Life, college, High school and what I thought of the youth. Then she asked me if I had met her brother yet? And not knowing her brother was Leon I calmly said "no I haven't."
And when she called  him over here instantly I couldn't help but get this giddy and embarrassing big smile on my face and finally we were introduced..  Have I ever told you that I was always awkward around cute guys?? We said hello and talked and out of nowhere I said "I remember you from Elizabeth's Birthday party years ago!" And do you know what he said??? "Who's Elizabeth?"  *face palm!

I went home that night very in love  infatuated indeed! And also a little embarrassed haha.

From that night Sundays quickly became my most favorite day of the week.. It was the day I looked forward to and the day I was sad to see let go..

We still didn't talk much.. Each Sunday was just a quick hi and how are you? Some Sundays I thought he liked me and other Sundays I wasn't sure. He was so mysterious and I was so confused..

However, He was  different from any other man I knew! I wanted to at least get to know him but didn't want to be the one to make the move so instead I  watched him closely. I didn't want to pursue anyone unless God had a plan in the matter. So I just observed him every chance I got.. I watched how he handled things, how he treated his elders, how he treated his youth and mostly how he treated women.. I noticed he never let any woman open the door while he was close to it.. Which was a huge attraction for me.

Many would have said I stalked him..... But I wouldn't go that far!!   During worship The whole time I was distracted, glancing over at Leon to see if he was really in love with Jesus and to see how he worshiped.  Was he truly worshiping, or totally distracted?…like I was…oops!  After a few peeks it was obvious to me that the guy was genuine and was DEEPLY in love with Christ and my attraction instantly increased.
I mean really ladies, there is nothing more attractive than a guy worshiping Jesus with all of his heart! Can I get a amen?
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  1. I didn't even know it was Friday but was so so so excited to read the next part!

  2. Amen!! Haha. This is so great. I love that he didn't even remember Elizabeth! This totally sounds like me remembering ALL the details and my hubby not even remembering he had that friend. So funny! And I love that you watched his relationships with God and others before you two were even talking much. You were giving this completely to God and that's why you have been so blessed! It's so great!

  3. I love how He puts people in our lives like that. Small world moments give me goosebumps almost every time. Can't wait to hear the rest of your story!

  4. YAY! I've been looking and looking for the next part in the story! lol! Such a cute idea and I love hearing about it. :)

  5. Oh I HATE cliff hangers.... I'm just so impatient, ha ha!


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