Friday, February 14, 2014

Sale for Haiti. {Our Journey Series} Part 3.

It was March of 2010. Just a few months after the destruction that happened over at Haiti. I got together with My moms friend Ginny to do a Flea Market for Haiti. So a few months prior we would get together and go through a huge load of boxes of things that were donated for the sale. 
It was also the same year when we had that huge snow! It was so huge the remaining of it lasted until April. It was everywhere and Ginny and I were having a hard time making our way to the little garage to sort through clothes with all that snow in the way.. After a few attempts to conquer the snow ourselves we heard Leon and his co-worker saying "Step aside ladies, this is mans work."  So he took the snow shovel from me and gave me the cutest wink (Oh ma gawsh!) And shoveled that driveway like a boss! It was so attractive!! 

After we safely made way for the garage to sort through more clothes Leon kept checking on us. Just to make sure if we needed anything or needed help.I couldn't help it.. I was as giddy and smiley as a school girl! He was just so adorable and when he smiled back it made my smile increase! Ms Ginny got the memo very quickly that I was falling for this guy and it led us to talk about him.

The day for the flea market came and I was signed  to keep everyone's bought stuff together. As I was sitting there working Leon came up to me and said "Hey Heather! Can I get you anything? Do you need a chair?"  

Have I mentioned to you just how sweet this guy is?

That night we actually had our first conversation. (A conversation that wasn't just five seconds long that is)
We just talked about the future and what we wanted to be..He then mentioned to me that someone told him that I wanted to marry a Pastor and then  said "You know, I plan on being a Pastor".   

"Oh my gosh he wants to be  a Pastor, He's cute, funny, did I mention cute? & loves Jesus. Well yes, Leon I will marry you!"  No, I really didn't say that! But I wanted to haha!

That was also the night I had the pleasure of being introduced to my wonder Mama Inlaw. Leon brought her to me and we were introduced.. And then him and his awkward ways had to mention that he gets his butt from her... Way to make a girl blush!
After that  night I was positive things were changing. I was positive we'd have more conversations like this every Sunday for now on.. But I was so wrong! That Sunday he didn't even come say hello ugh! However, We talked a little more on face book but just a random "Hey there!" and that was it for the next few months!

Ashley's on Break 

That June Ashley was on break from college. Ashley was someone I have always had a connection with! She is such a young woman so on fire for God and she just loves The Lord and even though we have only seen each other that one night back in January we instantly had that sister connection. She came back on the night of a Church party so while everyone was playing ball Ashely and I took the opportunity to hang out and walk around the church grounds. We literally talked about everything! Singleness, Jesus, and family and by the end of the day we had a date planned to go to Ocean city and to my benefit Leon decided to go too!

That Wednesday night we got together for small group. I was playing the game of  pool with my Friend Joshua horrible I might add. After we played Leon comes over and asked to be my next opponent.

While we were playing we talked about Ocean city and how we were both excited.. And him being awkward again had to mention he might bring out his speedo!  (Thank God he was kidding!!)

A few days later I was surprised to get a message from him on facebook! He has never facebook messaged me before so I was a little surprised.

"Dear Heather, whats up!?!?!??! I have been trying to text you quite a few times and it says something about and invalid address. Any who i was just sending you a message to see what you were up to and how your day was going =-) i have been thinking about you often. I am excited for this beach trip i very much so want to get to know you better than i already do =-D"

Yep, my day was made after this! I was giddy, excited and floating on clouds!

Come back next Friday to read part four! 



  1. Oh ma gawsh!!! I'm like a giddy little school girl just reading this! So adorbs! :)

  2. Your guys story is just adorable! Love reading it. =)

  3. So cute!! I can't wait to hear more. :)

  4. Ahhh, I'm in love with your love story...already wishing it was Friday!


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