Tuesday, February 10, 2015

T'was the tantrum at Barnes & noble that will never be forgotten.

I just realized I never posted this story of the most embarrassment moment at Barnes and Noble that I will never ever forget and has almost kept me from showing my face there again... Almost. If only they're journals & planners weren't so amazing!

It was last  Summer. I was just over my morning sickness and wanted to take Evelynne to Barnes and Noble to look at some Big Sister books and I also wanted to pick up a new Planner for myself.. However, this experience didn't at all go as I planned...

It all started when I was looking at the rack of daily planners. Trying to find the right one when I happened to look beside me to find that my one year old ran off. While freaking out inside I tried to keep calm and called out for Evelynne. I remember the older gentlemen sitting there with his starbucks coffee and book looking at me as if I didn't have a clue and I honestly felt that way.

Thankfully I wasn't looking for too long until she popped out laughing!

"Evelynne you don't run off. You need to stay with Mommy" I said hoping she would listen.

I wish I could say it ended there.. but nope! Shortly after we came across a rack full of stuffed animals. unexpectedly she grabbed a arm full and threw them! Everywhere! I saw the employees and their concerned faces like "She better pick those up" and "Lady control your child!" And I was trying. Oh how I was trying but she seemed so uncontrollable at the moment. So I hurried and picked them up,  grabbed her by the arm and attempted to make it to check out because after what happened (so far) I didn't want to leave empty handed.. But maybe I should have?

The entire time we were in line she was determined to get away from me and run like the wind! She wanted to explore, go her own way and throw stuffed animals and play hide and seek.. But Barnes and Noble certainly isn't the place for that and people were making it obvious they wanted me to leave already so that they could continue to read and study while drinking their precious lattes.

But I wasn't giving up despite those judgmental facial expressions I was getting. As soon as we got to the check out Evelynne managed to run off when I was taking out my card. "Evelynne! Get back here!" And She refused while laughing and running behind the cashier.. Yep, you heard that right!

"No! Ev! Get back here! Sir I'm so sorry, I need to grab my kid." (As she starts running through the empty boxes)

"No problem! Happens all the time *laughs"

So, I grab Evelynne, pick her up as she kicks and screams and with my bought and paid for planner I walk out of Barnes and Noble feeling accomplished.. Well, sorta. More like humiliated. But thankfully no one recognized us the next time we were there and there were no crazy tantrums involved.

Do you have any crazy/embarrassing/funny Mama stories?


  1. Oh sweet girl, don't feel humiliated! We have alllllll been there! I seriously had to carry a kicking and screaming Mia from the furthest corner in Target allllllll the way to the front and out the doors. I could have killed her! But I didn't feel humiliated, ha ha! That's probably backwards thinking, but ya know! The tantrums just come with the territory of having kids and anyone that wants to judge can just... deal with it? ha!

    1. Thanks so much girl for the sweet encouragement. Sometimes it is nice to know that mamas feel me. haha! X)

  2. I agree with Courtney, don't be embarrassed. Those people giving you judgmental stares should really be a lot kinder (if they were in trouble or had a unpleasant experience, I'm sure you wouldn't just judge them and walk away, right?). Tantrums are just part of motherhood, and whether people accept that or not should be none of your concern. You did what you have to, and you even got a fabulous planner that you came for. I say that's mission accomplished :)

    1. I couldn't agree with you more girl! Thanks so much. <3

  3. That's one of those great tantrum stories that you'll be telling to her children one day. It will become infamous family lore. :)


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