Monday, February 23, 2015

Liya Evangeline's Two Month

Dearest Liya, 
Are you really two Months already? I feel like this precious time of you being small is just flying by and it has been. You're growing so fast. I feel like your looks change every week. Though I must say you still look like your daddy in my opinion however, I am starting so see myself in there as well.

You are such a smiley baby. I can't get over it and I don't even have to try to make you smile. All I have to do is say "Hi" to you and your all smiles and you love it when I sing to you..My dream of being a famous singer came true! I must say I do have the cutest fans.

Evelynne's nap time and night time has been our bonding time. I love spending time with you and just observing you. I love exchanging smiles with you. I'm so excited to watch you grow baby girl. I know you're going to move mountains! You are so perfect little Darling. I love every inch of you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Liya's One Month update:
Nicknames: Liya Bear & Liylee (from Evelynne)  Also,  Liya beans given to her by Gandma and Pumpkin from her Auntie Ash.
Liya Loves:
-Laying on her tummy for sleeping but so far she is not a fan of tummy time. 
 -Being held.
 -Bethel Worship.
-Being sung too.
-Big sister.
-Her binky.
-Car rides
 - Very oddly she loves it when I change her diaper.... She always smiles and feels relieved. haha!

Since day one Liya has been a terrific eater and nurser. We make a pretty good team.
Liya doesn't like:
Changing her clothes
 Waiting to eat.

Clothing size:
She is now all 3 months and even some 3-6.. She's so tall.
Diaper size:
She's still in ones but when she's out of  one's I may switch up to two.
 New things you experienced this month:
So, last week your big sister tried to pick you up out of your swing and replace you with her doll..Thankfully I was there to save you before her mission was complete and after I let her put her doll in your bassinet you guys were friends again. :)

You napped for a whole hour! And even better you chose to do this while Evelynne was napping.. Well hello Mama time. :) 

You had your first Valentines day. It was so much fun! Though you didn't care. I loved dressing you and your sister in matching hearts.


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