Monday, February 2, 2015

Our Monthly fun day. (A new family tradition)

I'm a mama who loves family traditions. It's something I wanted my own family to have and dreamed of having. Due to Leon's non family oriented cop life where we only get to see him twice a week it has made it very difficult to start them and traditions just aren't as fun unless the whole family is involved. 

Thankfully his life as a cop will be closing to a end shortly (Can I get a amen?) We have a burning family passion  to be in  ministry full time  and we will do what it takes to live a life fully after His heart and live our life together serving others. I'll have more on that in the future. 

Because of this Leon is taking a majority of vacation early as possible. It's been so nice having him home. Evelynne has loved it and I love it. So with this time off we've decided to get some tradition in here.

We're calling it "Our Monthly fun day tradition" where we will take the girls out once a month and do something super fun!! They won't know what's coming or what we're doing until last minute. Leon and I are a huge fan of surprises. 

This was our first month. We started out by going to Target and letting Evelynne pick out a stuffed animal for her and one for Liya bear. She was a big fan of a brown pup and thought Liya should have the pink one. 
Afterwards we took our hungry family to Chick-fil-a and headed home! We were going to take her to build a bear however, reality hit when the thought came of us going to build a bear with a nb who loves to eat every thirty minutes to an hour (not kidding!) So we're gonna save that for when they're older. 
A great start to new traditions! Do you have any fun family traditions?

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  1. What a fun tradition! I may have to borrow that one when we have kids someday. Pearson and I did a monthly mystery date for a while where we take turns planning a date and keeping it a secret from the other until the day of or until we pulled up to the place. We haven't done it in a while though. Maybe I should re-introduce it this month.


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