Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Evelynne's 2.3 year update.

So remember when I said last month was my last update on Evelynne every month? Just kidding... I just can't not write an update for her after doing it for two years. I want to remember everything.

Dearest Evelynne,
This year has and is going to be a pretty big change for you. You are going to be experiencing your first move to a new place. Where? I don't know yet lol. And you're Daddy is going to get a new job where he can see you more and spend more time with you and also you're a big sister now. And I love that you take your role as a big sister so seriously and you love being one. You're so gentle and loving towards Liya and you always want her around you. I'm so in love with you and so proud of you!

You're so fierce and Independent and wild! Yes, very wild. But I'm thanking God for those amazing qualities because you're going to go far with those. Very far and you will bring God so much laughter and glory. I'm praying that God will continue to give me wisdom to teach and train you how to use those qualities for the kingdom and not to drive your mama to her 9th  tenth cup of  coffee haha!  
You love to sing and dance now. We try every morning to have a little worship session after Devotions. You love it when I hold you and spend you around. It's so much fun. I love hearing you sing "La la la" to the beat. 

You also love devotions. We read about three - five pages a day normally if you can sit for that long haha. If not we get one page in. You like to look at the pages and drink hot chocolate while we read. 

You're such a little prayer warrior. I love it when you fold your hands together, squint your eyes and smile while we pray. 

You're such a go getter and I love that! You're an amazing example for your sister already! I'm excited to see you grow into the young girl after God's heart. You're gonna go so far kiddo! I can see it now. I love you so much Darling girl. My prayer for you is that you will always dream big when dreams seem impossible. Because with God all things are possible. and that you will always seek First Jesus and His kingdom. 

Evelynne's 2.3 update.

Evelynne Loves: Lady grey tea, decaf coffee and lattes.. (girl after my own heart!) She also loves books, Minnie mouse, Peter Rabbit, Being a big sister, car rides, snow, whip cream, flash lights, Mr. bear, Devotional time, singing, dancing, her baby doll, baking, all things artsy and play dates. 

Evelynne doesn't like: Being changed, taking naps, hearing the "no word" and waiting.

Favorite foods: Chick-fil-a, All fruits, yougurt, smoothies, Peanut butter, frozen blueberries, pizza & spaghetti. She's been so picky lately but for the most part she'll eat this with no hesitation. But usually everything is give or take at the moment. grrr!
Foods she doesn't fancy: Most greens (which is why I do smoothies) and most  meats.

Clothes size: She's now wearing anything from a 3t to 5t, Cray cray. She's such a tall girlie like her mama. 

Diaper size: She's a 6 now but we're hoping to start potty training soon. I'm debating if we want to start before or after the move in April.

Social: Very social!! She's my social butterfly who has to say "Hi" to everyone and thing including windows, trash and well, everything! Unless she's grumpy. then she only wants mama. 

School: We've started preschool at home. And coming September we're praying about enrolling you to daycare preschool a few times a week to help your social skills (though I don't think you need it) It's important that you socialize with kids your age. Right now you're learning your "ABC's. It's been fun because it's our personal time for bonding. We also read our "Jesus calling Devotional Bible" almost every morning. We both love that part of the day. You always ask me to read more so we read about 2-5 pages a day lol.
What's new this month:
- You are all words now sweet girl. You're vocab is great now and I rarely have trouble understanding you. And if I can't you always act it out. It's the cutest.

- You now open and close all the doors now. And because it's new you do it constantly hah! 

-You want to be held a lot more now. I'm guessing it's because I'm always holding Liya maybe? I love holding you but I'm trying to do it less so that you can grow in independence and because you're the big girl who has legs. :)  I honestly think it's more hard for me than it is for you though.

- you can count to three all by yourself and can count to ten with help! I'm so proud of you.

-you can also say your ABC's with help and can say ABCD all by yourself! You also know many shapes and colors. 

-You're such an amazing big sister and you're not a jealous one at all. You always want Liya to be right next to us and if I give her to Leon or let her sleep upstairs so you and I can have some bonding time you always ask me to bring her back in the room. I just love how great you are with her.

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  1. What a precious girl! Your Evelynne looks like such a sweetie. How fun that she likes decaf and lattes! Looks like you have some mother-daughter coffee dates in your future :)

    My son is big fan of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, too! I may have to look into that Jesus Calling devo Bible - sounds like a great devotional for the 2's. We have a super short and sweet devotional Bible, but the stories are almost too short (like one-pagers, only a few lines per page) but the "Jesus Storybook Bible" stories are a little too long.
    Amy @


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