Monday, March 23, 2015

Liya's three month.

Dearest Liya, 
Three months ago you came into the world. Making our family complete and balanced. It doesn't feel like you're three months old already and yet, at the same time it feels like you've been apart of the family all along. You are such a great baby. You literally only have fits when you're tired. You're such my little cuddle bear.

Liya's One Month update:
Liya Loves:  You love to look at yourself in the mirror and love when people talk to you.  You always laugh, smile and coo away.  You hate tummy time but love lying on your back. However, you love laying on your tummy when you sleep and refuse to lay on your back. You love your play mat, and bright colored objects.  You love diaper changes and bath time! You also love to roll onto your side when you are playing around. You also love playing with your toys.

Eating: She nurses about every three hours so she's slowing down a bit. :) She loves to nurse
Liya doesn't like:
Liya doesn't like:Changing her clothes, Waiting to eat.Being put down when she's not ready.
 Clothing size:She's officially wearing all 3 to 6!
Diaper size:2!
Weight: 13.10. She's in the 80th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height! :)  
Health: Fantastic. You're such a healthy baby.

Mama’s Favorites:Your Binkies, your swing and rocker, they are such lifesavers when I don't feel like taking you up stairs for nap.We don't really use the boppy Pillow that much. I used it on your sister all the time however you find it uncomfortable so we just use it to prop you up and that works great!

Social:You and Evie both are my social butterflies. You love it when people give you attention. When they talk to you, you talk right back and smile. 

Crying:You don't really fuss at all.. Normally only before you go to bed at night because you want to fight sleep. But other than that you don't normally cry unless your tired or hungry or need to be changed. you hate being uncomfortable.

Sleep:You sleep in your bassinet and  we'll probably move you to your crib after we move. You're a great sleeper. You only wake up twice at night and you take two little morning naps, one three hour after noon nap, and one tiny evening nap that I try to plan around dinner. Sometimes it works and sometimes no.

New things you experienced this month: You met your Pop Pop and Great Grandmother today for the first time. 

You laughed! I will never forget it. I was giving you a bath and you just all of a sudden looked up and started laughing.. There must have been an Angel making you giggle. :)

You rolled over. You're Gandma saw it first! 

You are now showing some interest in toys and you love watching Evelynne play with hers. Especially her balls.

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  1. You have such a beautiful baby girl!!! Seeing those pictures and reading the update seriously brought tears to my eyes. Part of it may be the pregnancy hormones and I'm so excited to meet our baby #2 in a couple months.

    It sounds like you are all doing wonderfully adjusting as a family of 4! I am in love with baby girl outfits - especially the cute little headbands :) Happy 3 months, Liya!
    Amy @


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