Monday, March 9, 2015

A coffee & date Target with my Little Darlings.

Evelynne has had some big changes come her way in the last few months and she's about to experience another change as we move into a new place for the first time. 

I'm so proud of how much she embraced this change and not only accepts her role as a big sister but loves it. Every morning when she comes downstairs and Liya isn't down there she asks me to go get her. Liya's super blessed to have a big sister like her.

However, I felt it was time to take her out and lavish on her a bit. I think when a second kid comes into the picture it is super important to make sure you stay in tune with your oldest child. Talk to them, ask them how they're doing and make sure they know how much you love them and how proud of them you are.

Since I can't have a deep conversation with Evelynne yet (considering she's two) about her new role and how she's dealing with it I try my hardest to keep in tune with her body language because especially when it comes to kids actions speak louder than words. 

She was having more meld downs  than usual, and threw very strong fits when she didn't get her way. 
I really think the cold weather has something to do with it however, I think her needing one on one time with Mama bear was something she needed also. We both did. 

So last week I took her on a Starbucks/coffee date.
 It was wonderful spending time with my babies. Sitting there at Starbucks sipping my hot latte with Evelynne while she gulped her Vanilla milk brought me to thinking just how special these coffee dates really are. 

Today We're sitting here as she tells me a majority of things in toddler language and is just being silly.

In about three years we'll be talking about her first day of school. 

In about 12 years we'll be going out to buy her pre-teen clothes and even make up 

15 years from now we'll be talking about boys 

and maybe 20 years from now sitting in a coffee shop we'll be talking about the one she'll be marrying. 

Gah.. I'm getting emotional just thinking about it!! 

What I'm really saying is I want to treasure each and every date with my daughter. Because every one will be different as she continues to get older, smarter and more adventurous and even more hilarious. 
We also did some Spring shopping while we were out... I just can't resist target sometimes with their cute hats and clearance racks! 30$ Dollar sweater for 12$? Don't mind if I do!

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