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My 40 week update & thoughts about second time pregnancies and what nobody told me.

I'm almost in unbelief that this pregnancy is at an end! Am I really forty weeks?
Yet, at the same time I'm so ready to hold my sweet girl in my arms instead of inside my belly. I'm starting to run out of room in there haha!

The best way I can describe this pregnancy the second time around is that it's quite bittersweet. 
I'll share with you the parts I've loved, enjoyed and I know I'll probably miss. 

During the first trimester of throwing up and feeling well just gross as hard as it was focusing on being a mom to Evelynne and putting her needs before mine I must say in a way going through the first trimester was nice having a little person with you.. Now don't get me wrong. It was ten million times more exhausting and I cried so much because all I wanted to do was sleep and I had major mommy guilt.. But Evelynne was a sweet reminder of why going through this was so worth it! I'm growing another beautiful life inside of me. 

I remember some days wanting to tear up a bit with joy because my daughter had a sensitive spirit towards me knowing that I wasn't feeling well, I even remember her wanting to hold my hair while I threw up (Gross!!)  because she watched daddy do it for me before. I felt so loved by her and it was a great reminder for me that what I'm going through is nothing compared to the joy at the end. It was also a reminder that my sweet girl was growing up..

During the second trimester it was great  being able to include Evelynne.. I don't think she had a clue what was going on however, it made my mommy heart joyful. Showing Evelynne the sonogram pictures of her little sister, and day dreaming about them growing up as besties. Being able to have small talk with her about how she's going to be such an amazing big sister and that she's going to be able to do all of her favorite things with her little sister like eat ice cream, play with legos and run around like a monkey. 

During the third Trimester of course something that I Will always cherish in each pregnancy is getting to feel my sweet little beloved kick me and move around in all sorts of ways. This little one is much more active at night which works for me (somewhat) because I can actually take the time to bond with her and respond by poking her back haha! 

I think Evelynne is starting to catch on a bit with the third trimester.. She finally knows what a baby is now so every time I say "where's the baby?" She points to my stomach so I'm assuming she knows that a baby's in there as she says "Baby!!" and kisses my tummy.. It makes my mommy heart smile every time. Though, like I tell everyone else, I doubt she'll fully get the memo until she sees her little sister and realizes she's not going anywhere. I think she'll be fine with that now though considering she wants to "pet" every baby she comes across now. Either that or say very loudly "Baby!!!" at the grocery store. She's my social butterfly. 

Having a toddler to keep you busy during pregnancy is quite bittersweet. But on the plus side this pregnancy has flown by for the most part and I congratulate Evelynne for that because she keeps me up and busy. :)

Now if you've been or are pregnant you will know that pregnancy isn't always a picnic..... Or maybe it is for you and if it is I must know your secret. 

Here are a fewish things that have made this pregnancy difficult at times.

Even though it was great at times having my sweet Evelynne during the sick first trimester she was also one.. Discovering herself, testing her limits and trying to convince me she could fly by trying to jump off everything. She also wanted to play and run around all day when she wasn't napping and she'd get so mad because I couldn't join her without feeling like I was going to faint. The mommy guilt was awful and the tantrums made it even worse. But hear me out. It's all worth it =D

Evelynne was terrified of the doc appointments and sonograms.. She cried the whole time. so instead of being able to go as a family I often had to go in by myself while Leon waited with her. Now at the end of pregnancy she's just now smiling when we hear the baby's heartbeat.  prior to that she would scream. 

It was also harder for me to connect to this baby at first.. I barely had time to dream about her or say things to her because my days were 100% occupied. I felt so horrible but a friend informed me that she was the exact same way and that  there was no need for me to feel like I was heartless. 

 Getting Jesus time is has been super hard in these months. Mainly because when you're pregnant you need much more sleep. Getting up before Evelynne was so difficult because of the lack of sleep the night before and by the time Evelynne did go to bed I could barely keep my eyes open and during nap time I usually found myself napping with her. I've found listening to worship/services in the background to help along with listening to the Bible on audio. Also prayer is most powerful. All you have to do there is move your lips. ;)

I'm so excited that this pregnancy is nearly over but you know what?? In about seven months how much do you want to bet that I will be writing a post similar to this one I'm pretty quick to catch baby fever. Now on with the update.. Possibly my last EEK!

How far along:39 (3rd Trimester)

Sleep: Still occasionally waking up with leg pain but the nausea is  gone. Back to enjoying 
breakfast and waking up! =D

Maternity Clothes: I have about two pares of maternity jeans and it's getting old fast. I'm craving comfy sweaters and skinnies. I think I say that every update. :D

Food cravings:  All things peppermint! Earl grey tea with cookies, and baked potato soup and occasionally a slice of pizza or a good cheese burger. And a Caesar salad sounds amazing right now. MMM!!I know, I'm such a boring prego!
Food aversions:
Still, me and coffee aren't the best of buds right now.. I'll occasionally want it however, I don't crave it. Unless it's starbucks lattes or a frappichino! Then I'd be happy to enjoy.

Symptoms I HAVE: Went to the  hematologist last Thursday for a iron boost. I was extremely low but I'm doing so much better now and feel much more normal and giddy.

Doctor’s Appointment:They're weekly and my next one is Thursday.

Movement: She seems to be my little night owl! She does a majority of her moving, flipping and kicking at night when I'm trying to sleep. So, as of now I have a night owl and my daughter Evelynne who is a 5:30-6 early bird.. Gonna have to have a talk with these two. ;)

Signs Of labor: A lot of braxton hicks still! Also I'm starting to feel pressure and tightening. Maybe I'll actually go into labor on my own this time!!

How's Big sister: Doing great! She's no longer crying at the Midwife center and actually smiled when she heard little sister's heartbeat. And has been getting maybe a little too much chick fil a recently.. We have to reward her somehow for all those apointments mama has been having in these last weeks. I think I've had like four or five just last week! Lets just say she knows the cow.

 Best moment of the last few weeks:
Celebrating my sweet girls second Birthday!! I can't believe she's already two..

Finally feeling more prepared for baby. We have the bassinet all ready along with the swings and all the baby clothes smell baby-fabulous and in the drawer ready to be worn.

Having Thanksgiving with the family.

Going to my 39 week sonogram to find out that I'm actually forty weeks and was due last Saturday!! So she'll literally be here any day now. She was so cute and giving us kisses!! Evelynne was just happy about the lolly pop the nurses gave her.
Welp, I guess that's it for now! Maybe next time I'll have a little announcement. Be blessed friends and thank you so much for hanging in there with me,praying for me and those sweet comments and emails that were oh so encouraging! Be blessed friends and I'll be sure to keep you updated.

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  1. You're a super cute pregnant lady! I just had my second baby and you make me miss being pregnant (but you're right, there are so many challenges with a second baby). Congrats and hope you have a good birth. I love seeing the bond develop between my toddler and's so sweet.


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