Monday, December 8, 2014

Lets have coffee.

It really has been a while since I've just poured my heart out on here.. It's been pretty chilly in December so what better place to go then out for coffee??

If we were having some Starbucks coffee together, I'd order a grande (maybe venti?) white peppermint Mocha and one of those cute little snowman cookies! Those little delights look almost too pretty to eat but they're way to delicious to resist.

I would ask how your weekend went? And if you've finished your Christmas shopping?

I would encourage you not to stress about getting everything done and making sure everything looks perfect. I would encourage you not to stress out about financial things and just do what you can.

I would tell you that even if Leon and I did have the money to go completely overboard with Evelynne for Christmas as in spending hundreds of dollars on her alone I honestly don't think we would. Leon and I have agreed to buy all of our children one thing they want, one thing they need, something to wear and something to read. I have such a desire to teach Evelynne to serve so I really want to focus on serving with her this Christmas season and every day for that matter. Even if it's just handing cookies to our neighbors.
I would tell you that I'm so excited for this new chapter in life we're in! Our season of being a family of three is coming to an end and shortly (just a couple weeks) we'll be a family of four! I feel so ready and yet, so not ready. I feel like I was much more prepared with Evelynne in fact, I had my hospital bag packed two months before Evelynne's due date and I have yet to still pack my hospital back and I'm due in two weeks... But hey, I did pack the diaper back and our house is officially baby ready! Evelynne loves putting her baby in the baby swing. I'm so excited to see her in Big sister action.

I would tell you that yesterday was one of the greatest days of my life as I got to witness my amazing husband Leon become a licensed Pastor.  I always knew I'd be a Pastors Wifey and It's been prophesied over him since he was a child. Soon he'll be able to be a Pastor at the Church full time and I will gladly kiss the police badge goodbye! I'm ready to minister as a family and speaking life into peoples lives. We're ready to pick up our crosses and follow Him whose love is captivating. I'm so excited that we'll be able to be a real family soon and Evelynne and Liya will be able to spend time with there daddy more that twenty four hours a week if that. 

I would tell you that this coming year I finally want to start my "Little Beloved" Business. I'll be starting out small and work my way up and it's so exciting. I'll be crocheting kid scarves and as the business gets bigger I'll probably add more merchandise. And to make it even more exciting I plan on using some of the money to start a ministry of blessing young moms/parents. Such as surprising an exhausted new mom with a Starbucks gift card, new parents with take out gift cards, and just randomly dropping diapers off their house. I'd also love to start a mommy group. 2015 is a good year to start! I would say now but we only have a few more weeks to go of 2014 *gasp! And honestly, these days have not been super productive.

If I were having coffee with you I would tell you that I've felt so dry lately.. Like I'm in a desert dry land. I've felt this way on and off through out my whole pregnancy and I've often wondered why? I know it's an attack of the devil however, I'm believing that it's going to cause me to have a new and even stronger hunger for Christ that will light a flame brighter than I have ever carried.. There's been a lot of worship music playing at my house because I refuse to go by the way I feel and it's much easier to stay in the presence when worship is on. I know this is only for a season and I'll come out so much stronger.

This is what I would tell you if I were having coffee with you. What would you tell me?


  1. I would give you a warm hug and tell you that you and your precious family are in my prayers and to hold tight to Gods word a spirit of Thanksgiving and worship.and Only His love and spirit will fill you with water that will take you thru that dessert.I would tell you are so right about Christmas and your on the right path with your beautiful girls. Life can be overwhelming enough without not knowing to know how good it feels to give and not overwhelmed by gifts you won't remember in 6 months I would share with you how wonderful motherhood is but also remember how exhausting it is and to encourage you to eat well and rest when they rest don't sweat the small stuff.dishes will always be there but your time with your girls won't..I would also tell you how proud I am of the woman of God you are and the beautiful momma I always knew you'd be but also don't forget your also a beautiful young woman who has a gift and heart for writing and singing and a heart to serve. Keep Gods joy and Thanksgiving on your heart and lips daily and last I'm grateful God gave me you Heather Leigh. Love your Momma

  2. Such great things are happening in your life, girl! I am so excited for you and I'm praying you stay strong! I know God has great plans for you and your little (growing) family and your tender heart for service makes me smile so much!


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