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What makes me a confident mom.

I cannot believe we are already at an end to another series of "The One year and beyond" Link up. I so hope you have not only enjoyed linking up with us but you got some great tips as well!! I know I certainly did. 

We will be breaking this month to take a little break. This also gives Sarah and I time to discuss fun topics for round #3!! 

Out of all the topics we had for this series this is the one I was looking forward to the most! Not just writing about it but hearing your thoughts as well. 

I honestly can't believe we reached an end once again for The One year and beyond link up. But don't loose heart! We're not ending it. We'll just be taking a tiny break this Month so Sarah and I can prepare for the next topics while slowly preparing for our new little ones to enter the world come November and December. 

A confident mom. I wasn't always one and the reason why I wasn't always confident is because I let comparison take it from me. I was caught up in that lie.

I'd be on facebook/pinterest/instagram and without thought I'd slip into the trap. The trap of mistaking every mom on there is perfect and  Evelynne is stuck with me.

So, how am I different now? Oh, how I wish I could explain to you in person how I've changed. How comparison no longer has victory over me.

I wish we could have coffee together in a nice quiet coffee shop so I could tell you on a more personal level of why and how I'm a confident mom. Because the answer I have to share is truth and easily contagious.

But because we obviously can't have a coffee date today writing on here will have to do.

I'm not confident because of me or who I am. In fact on my own I'm so clueless and scattered into a million pieces. And until now I was a mom who was just surviving. And that was my goal.

I would tell everyone who asked me how I was doing and not really realizing how doubtful I sounded I would say with bags under my eyes "It's just all about survival for me now."  And I honestly believe I'm not the only mom has ever felt that way because motherhood really is a tiring job. It's constantly busy and most of the time demanding.  I remember waking up every morning just feeling tired and speaking that over my day. "Man, I'm so tired" I'm already ready for this day to be over".

Now, I know the secret to being a confident mom and like I said it's not me. It's nothing I do or have done but it's who I put my trust in. Moms the secret to being a confident mom is knowing who God is and who He is in you!

I've tried to do it on my own so many times.. But at the end of the day I was always exhausted, always doubted myself and I was never good enough. But praise God that He is enough. He sustains me.

What makes me a confident mom or just even a confident woman in general. It's knowing who I am in Christ.

Not dwelling on the mistakes I've made but just trying my hardest every day and giving Him the glory for it and knowing that in Him I will not fail.
 I think the biggest problems we have as moms is not that we're doing it wrong but we're putting all of motherhood on ourselves which runs us dry. But God wants to be our help.

So, here are some ways I find my confidence in God and how I'm confident in Him.

I try to meet with Him every morning//  I took a long break from doing this and went four months barely making it so starting last week I went back to waking up an hour or two before Evelynne and got in the word and listened to worship and writing.. I haven't been completely faithful with this all week but I'm going to continue to try and wake up because it really does make such a difference in my daily life. It's so much more refreshing and joyful when I wake up peacefully and not rushing around.

I remember scripture//  There is so much good stuff for us in there to dwell on and remember. Here are a few that keeps my mindset on focus.
 Proverbs 26:1theanthemsoftime:    Today’s lunchtime youth ministry graphic project. Proverbs 16:3

Proverbs 31:25
Speak life over your day// It's so true that life and death are in the power of your tongue. So speak life over your day even when it feels like your day is off to a bad start. This pregnancy has been so tiring lately and all I've said every day was how tired I felt but recently God has been challenging me to remember that He gives me rest. So, I try to remember to speak God's strength over my day.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! What a perfect reminder that if we let God have control, we will be as strong and confident as we need to be!


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