Thursday, August 21, 2014

Check Please!!

Evelynne loves being out and about. She is actually at her best when we go out and do things. I guess it's because she loves seeing and being around new places and because she loves food so much eating out wasn't always a major struggle. That was until she became a toddler LOL

She still loves food and she still loves and prefers to be out. But now that she's walking and has that curiosity where she wants to touch, feel and run everywhere she pleases eating out has been a  little bit hard. So after doing some research and watching what the other mamas did before me. I found a few things that helped.

1. Bring extra food// My daughter is a snacker. She is never a big eater in one sitting because I don't thing she has the attention span for a whole sitting unless the whole family is there to keep her entertained. But she catches up with snacks and I think she prefers it that way. So when we go out I always pack with me some sliced fruit, veggies, smoothies, crackers and fruit snacks. I also pack  cheeses and stuff just in case she decides she doesn't want what I had ordered for her. Yes, that does happen. She can be s picky sometimes to where she would prefer the cheese, meat and crackers over pizza.

2. Bring quiet toys// Bringing quiet toys is a must such as books, crayons and paper, Evelynne must have her bear at all times, and she loves cars. So she'll read her books, or run her cars on the table while we wait for our food.
3. Keep them in the conversation// No matter who I'm out to lunch/dinner with I always try to keep Evelynne in the conversation. Whether it be asking her how her milk is, or asking her if her meal is good. That way she feels included and her mind stays on mama and playing at the table even longer..

4. Have walking sessions// If you wouldn't be in anyone's way have a walking time with your toddler so they don't get restless. Show them the things they're interested in like the paintings on the wall, or the waterfall. Maybe even take her/him outside for a little bit to get some fresh air.

5. Be consistent and understanding// No means no when you tell them no and also be understanding to how long they've been sitting. It takes a lot  for  a toddler to sit still for longer then 15 minutes.

These are things that have helped us have victory with taking out toddler out to eat however, we still have moments when we say "Check please!!" And run out of the restaurant with our to-go boxes praying that no one we know saw us! ;)
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  1. yep yep yep! The first few times we went out with Judah my husband would get SO stressed out because he was unpredictable! But we have learned to be patient and learned what he likes and doesnt like when we are out.

  2. We always bring snacks and food with us. Emerson just doesn't like eating "real" food and we don't want to order him something just for it to not be eaten and wasted -though we would probably just eat it ourselves... but still. And yes to including them in the conversation. Just a little chit chat goes a long way.

  3. Those are great tips! Thanks for sharing =)

  4. I think we've ordered off the kids menu once...I have such a picky eater...we always just bring his dinner with us, going out is really just a break for me from making dinner for me and Mr. :) Yes to the keeping them in the convo, they love it and feel like a part of everything.


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