Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Little girl #2 update

Dearest Darling, Words can't even describe how blessed we are as a family to know that you're coming.. Making a us a family of four. You are such a gift and watching you grow inside of me, kicking me, and moving fills me with butterflies. I am in love with you!

We've started preparing a place for you and it makes me giddy. You and Evelynne are going to be the cutest roommates ever and  know without a doubt that you guys are going to love sharing a room.

You are growing so much. I feel like I officially look pregnant now and it was literally in a weeks timing. :)

I'm looking forward to holding you my sweet girl.. I'm so excited to know that I'm getting closer every day! Can you believe we're more then half way there?? Apart of me is super excited and at peace and the other side of me wants to get things done asap! 

 My prayer for you this morning sweet girl is you will always know who you are in Christ.. Don't ever let anyone look down on you because you are young but set the example in speech, life, love and in purity. You're gonna go far kiddo!!

Baby R's Stats

How far along: 22 weeks

Sleep: I've been having the weirdest pregnancy dreams!! Once again I've been having dreams about Panera Bread not giving me my food... and for the first time I had a dream I was pole dancing on my neighbors stair railing.... Ummmmm..

Maternity Clothes: Maternity and maxi skirts. Love me some maxi. :)

Food cravings: It's so different every day. I'm still loving pizza. I've also been craving watermelon and carrots with ranch.
Food aversions:
I've recently discovered that the #7 chick-fil-a  grilled chicken and I are officially broken up. It used to be my favorite sandwich there but the last two times I went there it has made me nauseous. I'm liking the fried though and so is Evelynne. I think she would always prefer fried though. I'm just that mean mama who gets her the grilled.. Can't do that now that I'm eating fried because I don't want to be a hypocrite. ;)

Symptoms I HAVE: Just soreness really and nasuea here and there but other then that I feel wonderful.

Doctor’s Appointment: had a sonogram in these last two weeks so It was fun seeing my sweet girl twice. The first was a gender sonogram and that day they called me telling me they wanted to do another sonogram that Monday due to the fact it seemed as though her fluids were really low. But just as we prayed and expected my girl is swimming in a pool lol.

Movement: Kicks! Full powerful kicks and I'm loving every second!! I usually only feel her at night so it's a nice bonding moment between her and I. And Leon got to see/feel her kick for the first time last week and he was amazed by how strong she was. It looks like we're gonna have a strong yet calm little girl on our hands.

Belly Button: We're half way out there people. :)

Name: We finally have a name!! And will be releasing it on the blog within the next few weeks.

Best moment of the last few weeks:
Getting to show Evelynne the sonogram pictures and watching her kiss her little sister. She now kisses my belly too.. It's sooo cute!!! I love my little loves.
Also, getting to watch Leon bond with our new daughter my feeling her kick. Gotta love a man who has a love for his daughters. *Swoon. 
Finding out that we have a healthy beautiful girl on our hands! 

What I’m looking forward to:
I know this has nothing to do with pregnancy or maybe it does?? I've been looking forward to the smell and taste of pumpkin spice lattes for a few months now.. MMMMM

What I miss:  Having so much more energy!! And fitting into my skinny jeans.

 Big sister:I really feel like Evelynne is starting to realize change is coming.. I don't know how or even if she knows what's coming.. But her and I are praying for the new baby together and we're praying for Evelynne too. Being a big sister is not only a tough job but a fun and important one. I know without a doubt she has what it takes.


  1. yay I love reading these. Glad that everything turned out okay and that you got two u/s :)

    1. Thanks so much girl! I keep meaning to do them every week but I just don't get around to it :) it was so nice seeing my girl twice on one week :)

  2. Love your update! Things are moving along quickly it seems.

    1. Thanks girl! They really are! No ones kidding when they say the second pregnancy goes by even faster. :)


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