Monday, August 18, 2014

He's the One that really matters.

Sitting here with my morning latte this morning with  some banana bread. I'm surrounded by the peace and quietness that takes place before the day starts. Before the rush of the day takes place when every little thing seems to matter from getting the dishes done to checking  every "to-do" off my daily planner.

This is the time of the day when I usually feel God closest.  When I feel Him surrounding me and covering me with His captivating love, His incomparable wisdom, and strength that never gives up.

Realizing that I could have so much planned today, I could be doing so much.. But truly He's the One that really matters. It's not about me. It's not about Leon (who is starting his five day vacation today!!) and sometimes as much as I believe it, it's not even about my beautiful girls. God's the One who really matters today and  yesterday, and every day after this one.

He's the One I want and desire to please.. What matters to me is what He thinks. Not the moms who  seem to know it all, and not the people who seem to have me already figured out and try to define me.

He's the One who knows my future and holds it with His loving Hands. Because of Him I know that nothing in this world. The cares, the scars, the happenings can hold me down.

He's the One that really Matters. And my continuous prayer this morning and every day after is that I will always remember His presence, His promise, His Truth, His Love, That I can do all things through Him and that no matter what happens, no matter how I'm feeling, no matter what my day seems to be going through. That everyday is a great day because He is God and He is King. The One who brings healing to the sick, salvation for the lost, a place called Heaven for all those who gave and lost their lives because they believe Jesus is forever The King, love for those who seem unlovable, hope for those who feel hopeless, strength for those who are weak, a prosperous future for those who feel like they messed up and a love that's so grand and fulfilling. He's the One that truly and deeply matters in every aspect in our lives.


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