Thursday, October 2, 2014

What we keep in our toddler bag.

I feel like once Evelynne turned one we've had to re-do our baby bag and transfer it into a toddler bag. We had to take stuff out and put stuff in. I honestly thought once Evelynne was a toddler I'd be able to toss the baby bag and go back to my hand held purse! Someone was in denial ;)
I may be one of those moms who over over thinks and over prepares things. But I always say I'd rather be over packed for things then to need it and not have it. Like the time I went to Evelynne's first doctors appointment and crazy me forgot to bring diapers when when had an unexpected surprise.. The very first of many mommy embarrassments/guilt.

Though toddlers aren't as needy as newborns... wait, scratch that! I think sometimes they're needier! So, my toddler back may be heavier then my newborn bag haha!

Here are my toddler bag needs:
Diapers, cream & wipes// Of course, we won't stop packing these until Evelynne's potty trained and even after I'll probably still have wipes on hand. However, we've been able to decrease on the amount of diapers we carry depending on where we're going. I normally just pack 2-4 diapers when we go places like Church/ the store/ play date and pack way more when we go to events that last all day.

Snacks// I have a snack for the go jar in my kitchen to just grab and put in her bag quickly. I'll buy bags of whole grain chips, dry fruits, veggie sticks, popcorn, and her favorite fruit snacks and separate them into little lunch bags so all we have to do is grab and go. I don't normally leave snacks in the toddler back because I usually forget about them and they end up expiring... Yes, I'm not the greatest at cleaning out bags.

Toys & books// Because I can be forgetful sometimes and forget to bring her toys and books when we go out to dinner or somewhere else where we need to be quietly occupied I keep books and toys in the bag. It not only saves me time but for her it's like she has a new book and toy every time we go out because she doesn't usually play with them at home unless she finds her way in the bag.

Epi Pens// Due to the cashew intake  incident back in June and our over night stay at the hospital I will not leave the house without these bad boys. I take these and the practice one for anyone who's watching her.

Extra change of clothes// Because my girl is just messy haha.

I hope this post helps and I'm soo looking forward to reading your posts! They may make my Toddler bag even heavier and give me huge muscles!!
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  1. I love how all kids are basically the same! Life is so easy with them, they need a few staples and other than that? They are happy. So simple!


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