Friday, October 3, 2014

Evelynne's 22 Month Update.

Dearest Evelynne, Thoughts about you turning 22 Months is so bittersweet to me.. Actually, you growing up in general is bittersweet! Knowing that you're going to be two in November makes me want to sit in a corner and eat oreo cookies and have flashbacks of remembering you so tiny and new. And yet, I love watching you grow. It's a blessing being able to watch you develop your own personality, learning new things, and discovering the world around you! You help me see the beauty in ordinary things. 

Evelynne's 22 Month update.
Evelynne Loves: Walks, collecting leaves and rocks, painting and anything artistic, Running, playgrounds with big slides and swings that go high, dancing, doing things by herself, reading and being read to, taking selfies on mommy's phone, Driving, starbucks dates,Morning cuddles, Minnie Mouse and stuffed animals

Clothes and diaper sizes: You are now a 2t and even a 3t in some things. Your ped always says you're tall and thin. You now wear a size five in diapers.
Evelynne doesn't like:Being told she can't do something,time outs & bed time

Favorite foods:
  peaches, oatmeal, shredded cheese, Ice cream, fruit snacks, whole grain crackers, chocolate & white milk, my latte when you're sneaky enough to get a hold of it when I'm not looking, chicken nuggets
What's new this month:
You are seriously a talker now! Even though you still speak your language a lot you can still say and understand words. I can't even keep up with how many words you can say now. You just woke up one morning and decided you were going to start talking.  It's wonderful I must say!

I've had to learn to start being much more strict with you as hard as it is. After that scare of you disregarding me telling you to come here you decided you were going to test my limits and run out into the street! Thankfully I caught you before you ran into the busy intersection but it scared me to tears and I'd rather be strict with you then you not listening to me when you need too!

You are officially coming to me now when you need a diaper change!!! It makes me so much more excited to change you because I no longer have to chase you around and deal with your kicking and screaming self. I'm also well aware that this is a sign of potty training ready?? :) 
You are becoming mommy's little homemaker! Whenever you see me with a mixing bowl and apron you are ready to help! I don't let you mess around with the eggs or anything but you love to put the flour in the bowl and help me mix. I love baking with you! You also like to bake in your kitchen. You even wash your hands with your fake sink.. Mommy's teaching you well. :)


  1. Ais is the same with diaper changes too! I'm thinking about potty training around 2 and seeing how it goes :)

  2. She is so cute! And I love seeing all your pics on Instagram! Love that she is such a helper in the kitchen. Isn't it fun when they want to be so grown up and be able to do things on their own and help you do 'grown up' things? So cute!

  3. She is adorable! I hope my son will start bringing his diaper to me when he needs a change :) He's still in the fighting diaper changes stage!


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