Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Evelynne's 23 Month.

My very last update until you turn the big girl two! I honestly thought turning one was rough. Boy was I fooling myself. Someone hug me please!!

Evelynne's 23 Month update.
Evelynne Loves: Decaf Pumpkin Spice frappes, balls, Minnie Mouse,playing at the park (especially the swings.) You love it when daddy plays with you and chases you around. He's your playmate and I'm your comfort person it seems. Going shopping and just getting out of the house in general, Being carried down the stairs on piggy back, long walks, dress up and jewelry.

Evelynne doesn't like: Being told "no", sharing (We're working on that one!) And when Mommy holds other babies... Do you wanna tell her or should I??
Favorite foods:
  Homemade Apple cinnamon oatmeal, Apples, frozen blueberries, crackers, pasta, pizza, green veggie smoothies and green beans
What's new this month:
You surprise me more and more every day by just how smart you really are! You're communicating is getting so much better. I've even lost track on how many you can say now. You're recent ones are Blue, baby, blueberries, and milk. You also said "Potty" for the first time last night so I'm debating if I wanna try and potty train youbefore Little sister comes or wait for the spring.

Daddy has been off for three weeks and you  are loving it! (Explains my distance on the blog) And somewhere among these three weeks you have become Daddy's girl for sure! The other day you preferred him to cuddle with you over me while watching Mickey mouse. But I wasn't jealous at all. It was the cutest thing on earth!

You climbed out of the crib this month for the first time and trashed your room!! Time for a big girl bed?!

Leon and I had our very first getaway this month without you. We went to PA for a conference for three days. I was so nervous but you really had so much fun! But I must admit those cuddles were heavenly when I came home.

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