Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tips on weaning from Breastfeeding

 I'm so loving these one year and beyond link up series. Today we are discussing the whole weaning process whether it be weaning from breastfeeding or formula. We wanna hear your story. :)

If  you have been following me long enough then you would know that weaning Evelynne was much harder then I thought.. When I first started breastfeeding I really hated it.  The first six months of it was literally a task that I didn't look forward too.  I remember feeling so bad after reading post after post about how wonderful breastfeeding was when for me it wasn't.  But that changed a few months later when nursing was really all I had left of infant/babyhood. I knew once nursing was out of the picture then my baby girl would be 100% a toddler. But once I realized having a 100% toddler wasn't a bad thing weaning became a bit more easy.  It's never a super easy thing to go through unless your baby decides by herself that she didn't want mommy's milk anymore and just stopped.. Believe me it's happened to most of all  my mommy friends. Evelynne on the other hand wasn't quite ready for this change so here are some ways Evie and I both got through this. :)

Distract her with other yummy things//
Evelynne had a certain schedule for nursing and she looked forward to them. So instead of giving her nothing during that time I came up with the idea of making her some fun fruit and veggie smoothies with whip cream on top. What whip cream lover would refuse such a thing? She loved it and for the time being her mind was off the desire of nursing but instead she was enjoying that smoothie.

Again, I think this word solves a lot in parenthood. I've struggled with this in nursing and because of it the weaning process took much longer because Evie was confused and so was I. Thankfully it came to the point when no means no and Evelynne got over it.

Have lots of play time//
Because what kid is going to think of nursing or eating in general when there's fun to be had.

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  1. The smoothies are such a good idea! You're so creative, Evie is a lucky girl :)

  2. I'm really hoping that breastfeeding works for us this second time around. I would love to have that time together and bond with my daughter. Great idea with the smoothies.

  3. Smoothies! Genius!! Great tips as well.

  4. I never would have thought of smoothies!! That is a GENIUS idea! I STILL don't give Mia smoothies... I need to be better about that! What are your fave recipes?


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