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One Year & Beyond. Taming the Tantrums

Welcome Beauties to the very first post to our link up series called " One year and Beyond"  I'm so excited to discuss this topic and more so I'm excited to read what you have to say on the matter because honestly, dealing with the tantrums is something  I still need work on. It's been a struggle but I believe that's what all of us mamas are here for. To help each other out.  I'm really hoping this series will not only create great friendships but also create a community for mamas to learn from one another and most importantly I want you to know that you are not alone. :)

Evelynne Started the tantrums when she was around 12 Months. At least that's when they got serious as in throwing herself on the floor in a kicking, screaming fit. Did I ever tell you Barnes and Noble was the first location she chose to do such a thing??  I have still not yet shown my face there since. 

Since then I have learned a bit more on how to handle those undesirable tudes and here are some tips that have helped me out in the last few months

1. It won't be cute later.
I remember one of the biggest mistakes I've made was giggle at one of her tantrums. At home  of course because it's never funny in public! However, it was when tantrums were still new and to be honest it was a little adorable.. But I shouldn't have giggled because then she thought it was permissible and it so wasn't! It's one of those things I had to learn in the long run. If it won't be cute the 5th time they do it or a few years from now it's better not to encourage.

2. Be consistent//
Ah, this was a struggle for me folks. Consistency.  Some days it's forbidden and other days when I was exhausted I just didn't care. But I needed too.  I believe kids throw the biggest tantrums when they're confused.. When they don't understand why they can't have this or that when they could do it yesterday. They feel like they've been treated unjustly so they're gonna go out with a bang so you'll hear they're not happy! I believe the biggest way to avoid the crazy tantrums is to always be consistent even on the hardest days because it will pay big on the long run and also the tantrums with be shorter because they would expect that they couldn't have it in the first place.

3.Give them things to do//
You know what they say "Kids are born with tons of energy. Point that energy in the right direction and it will avoid disaster"  Anyone with a toddler knows how true that is! When I take Evie out and do projects with her most of the day she is all happy and content and usually if I tell her "no" she's fine with it because she has other things to do. However, on days when we don't have anything planned she's like a different child. She's everywhere she's not suppose to be. Literally! So my plan is to start an activity plan to have something automatically planned all week so I don't have those "nothing to do today" days.

4.Discipline, They're old enough//
Leon and I came into the agreement that if they're old enough to do wrong and doing it knowingly that they are not supposed to that they're old enough to have some sort of discipline. Starting the process of disciplining Evelynne has really helped her and shaped her to know what is "right" and what is "wrong"  We both agree that disciplining out of anger or frustration is not an option. We mainly do time-outs which has worked a ton.  And most importantly we always praise her with lots of hugs and kisses afterwards.

I really hope these tips have helped you and brought you encouragement in some way. Do you have any disciplining wisdom or tantrum experiences and how you dealt with it? I'd love to read it in the link below. Xoxo

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  1. I SO agree about giving kids things to do, how can you expect them to behave quietly for a whole hour if you don't get down and talk to them or try to keep them occupied? My daughter isn't quite a year yet but she throws some serious "fits" if she doesn't get her food fast enough. I ignore it and when she stops fussing and acting like a crazy baby I give her her food. It's NEVER too early to start teaching our kids right from wrong!

  2. Haha, okay I'm just imagining the Barnes and Nobles ordeal. I shouldn't laugh but I am! Loved reading all of these. Please tell me how you get her to understand time-outs. Aislynn thinks it's hysterical.

  3. Those are some really great tips!

  4. Oh, you've got great tips! I definitely laugh at my kid's tantrums. That's probably not the right move, huh? :) I also agree that we get way more tantrums when we have "down time" or nothing scheduled. Having something to do or plans really does help! Great advice, mama! Loving this series so far.

  5. haha, the first time Colton threw a tantrum was at home, and luckily for us, my husband and I both started laughing and I grabbed a camera and starting taking pictures. After about the 3rd picture he realized he was not getting the reaction he was expecting and the tantrum pretty much stopped. But we have a kid who very much cares what Mom and Dad think.

  6. nice to meet you through the link up! our tips are very similar :)

  7. Yes, yes, yes!! Love #4! At first I thought Mia would be too young to understand why she was being disciplined or that reasoning with her at this young age was impossible. But it's totally not! Girlfriend knows exactly what she's doing when she throws a fit, and she understands when I'm not okay with it! They are smart, smart, smart!!

  8. Totally agree with you! Being consistent was a struggle for me. And then when we added more kids it was hard to follow through on everything. It takes a lot of energy. haha! But pays off in the end.

  9. new follower from The Life of Faith! Cute blog!!!!


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