Friday, May 2, 2014

My 20th Birthday. {Our Journey series} Part 10

I couldn't get out of working at Panera bread on my Birthday.  I would have much rather went there on my Birthday to eat rather then work but no big.   I got to spend my morning seeing my faithful Panera elders that quickly became my friends. They always came in ordering the exact same thing every single day.  That's one thing I miss about working at Panera Bread. The sweet older folks and the opportunity to get free coffee all day.
One thing I have always loved loved about Leon was his super ninja skills of surprising me. They were almost as good as mine.. He is so good at surprising me.

It was around lunch (the busiest time of the day) When a Edible arrangements  pulled up asking for me.

He brought a basket full of chocolate covered strawberries, more chocolate covered strawberries with nuts, chocolate covered bananas, apples and pineapple with a little not attached declaring his love to me. I could not wait to get home and tell him how much I loved him..

To my surprise when I got off of work I was surprised to see his face when I walked out all dressed in his best.  He came to pick me up and take me home. When we got in the car he gave me a beautiful red rose and told me how much he loved me.
When we got home and while my mom, sisters & I were enjoying the chocolate covered goodness Leon told me to go get dressed  because he's taking me out to dinner.  I couldn't contain how excited I was! 

He took me to a place called Olive tree. We've never been there before and we both wanted to try a new place. We both agreed that the company was much better then the food however, we loved the time we got to spend together!

Evelynne Lorain//
Sundays were Leon's and my day. He'd come pick me up early in the morning and we would church hop. He haven't found a church home yet so we would just go to random churches and go out to lunch after that. Then we would either hang out with our friends or at his house.

One night after he dropped me off he told me that The Lord gave him a vision me calling our daughter by her full given name. Evelynne Lorain.  Evelynne was not a name Leon and I had on our list for kid's names. It never even crossed our minds nor the way it was spelled. But we both felt God lay that name on our hearts and we both fell madly in love with it.

A few nights after his vision The Lord gave me one as well.  I remember the dream like it was yesterday. I remember me holding a precious baby girl in my arms and I could see her precious little infant feet. I then remember Leon walking in our house in a uniform picking our precious Evelynne up into his arms. That vision wasn't only a confirmation that our first child would be a little girl named Evelynne but the fact my husband came home in a uniform gave me hope that a Career for him was coming our way.

Our new church.
If you've been reading our story long enough you should remember THE Bible study. The one when my husband and I learned to speak in tongues, and the one when Leon and I were prophesied to be married. Well, our leader felt led to start a church and boy were we over the moon excited. We called it  Spirit & Life Fellowship and the foundational verse for this church was ''The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life.'' - John 6:63

We had our first Church service in the home of our Spiritual parents. Leon and I were so happy and excited to find our home church and that our leader was the Pastor at that. This was the beginning of amazing things to come.

Come back next week to read part 11.

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  1. Love it! Birthday celebrations are so much fun. I love reading about your story. ;)


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