Monday, May 26, 2014

Evelynne's 18 month update.

So my little big sister is now 18 months and I really feel like I'm wowed every month.  She is growing so fast and I never want to take it for granted.

At 18 Months Evelynne is:
really trying to form her words more now. It's so cute.  I really think the signing is helping her understand communication. She is now signing "More" "Please" and "all done"  She isn't really saying any new words but she is definitely showing signs that she will be talking soon.

Going to be a big sister!! We can't even express how excited we are. Evelynne got to go with mama and daddy to our first doctors appointment for her new little sibling and she loved playing with all the new toys.  Being there brought back so many memories of when I was pregnant with Evelynne. She is super protective over her mama. She didn't like the Midwife going near me so Leon took her out to play.

Becoming more and more like a little girl and less and less like a baby.  She is playing more and napping less.  She's actually sitting and laughing through movies now which is so adorable. I am guilty of letting Evelynne watch way more TV during this trimester than I do.. Her favorite thing right now to watch is Tangled and Barney. She is also dancing to music like "The wheels on the bus" And the "Ensy Weensy spider' She's so smart!

    Nicknames: Evie, Piglet, Little love, Princess, munchkin, Espresso bean and Sweet Pea

Evelynne is loving// Playing Peek-a-boo// Chick-fil-a, When daddy comes home and chases her around the house// Being read too// Dancing to music//Her blankie// Her bear.

Evelynne doesn't like// Being told "no"// Timeouts// A majority of veggies which is why she gets veggie juice// nap time.

At the moment she has been quite picky which is really hard for me right now because I'm just not up for trying to figure out what she will and won't eat.  I've been giving her lots of fruit and veggie pouches and smoothies along with yogurt and whatever we have been eating.

All I can say is Leon is the best daddy and hubby to us ever! He's been on vacation on and off this month so he's been really helping out with the house and with Evelynne and fulfilling all of my needs as a prego mama.


Exhausted!! And so grateful for so many mommy friends who are happy to take Evie for a while so mama can get some much needed rest. I can't wait to feel 100% better.
                                                                                   What I'm looking forward to:
I'm so excited to do Big sister stuff with Evelynne. 

Some things that happened this month//

I took Evie for the first time to Storyville Library and she loved it and so did I. There were so many things to do there. There was a mini library, a grocery store, train station and a forest. There was also a little place for babies six months and under for our new baby. I will def be back here.

 My Birthday this year was definitely a Birthday  I want to remember always (Minus the morning sickness part) Mainly because I feel like it was a Birthday I could celebrate with my little girl that she could enjoy too! We went to the Amish Store with my baby girl and mama.  I celebrated my 23rd with some Amish store soup. When I got home I was surprised to see Chocolate covered fruit in my fridge. Given to me by my one and only Leon. Along with a precious note that had our verse on it Jeremiah 29:11.

Mothers day was wonderful too! And not just because Leon surprised me with a Keurig (AAAH) But also a pizza and cold stone Ice cream.  Getting to experience Mothers day with my two loves and finding out about our new baby made my Birthday and Mothers day made!

Dearest Evelynne.
Every month I am blown away by how much you've grown. Not just physically but in every way. You  have become Mama's big helper. You even want to throw away your diaper which has helped me so much.  You are such a happy little girl and also a stubborn one. You know what you want and you're passionate about it and  I love that about you and I know God has big plans to use that.
Leon and I are blessed beyond comparison to have you as our sweet daughter and your new baby sibling will be blessed as well. I love you sweet girl!!


  1. She is beyond adorable and I love reading about how she is growing.

  2. How did I miss this yesterday! Congrats girl! So excited for you. When are you due?


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