Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Liya's 5 month update.

 FYI forgive the photo quality. it was done by my phone.

 Dearest Liya, It's so hard to believe that you are nearly half a year already. It's going by so fast and I can honestly say I am loving and enjoying every minute being your mama. 

You are always so happy and chill. You've been a little grumpy lately due to your teeth coming through however you're still happy for the most part. 

You're growing more and more beautiful every day and watching you discover new things like your feet or how fun a noisy toy is makes my day.And you can bet I'm enjoying these last months of you not being mobile. ;)

I know God has amazing plans for you little darling.. More than you could ever dream! So don't stop dreaming and you'll go far, kid! 

I'll love you forever and I'll like you for always and as long as I'm living my baby you'll be. :)

Xoxo- Your Mama bear.

Liya's 5 Month update:
Liya Loves: 
- Being social. You eat up all the attention around you very happily. you even like to show off with some giggles and talky and you just melt their hearts and occasionally pass on the baby fever.
-Your bumbo seat.
-Being held. I can't help it. you're too cute not to pick up and kiss all over. I know people don't recommend "over holding" however, what is that anyways?   I'm finding out more and more that these days go by way to fast to think about whether or not I'm over holding my baby. I see it as I'm speaking her love language and by her snuggling mama she's speaking mine too!

-Bath time, all I can say is that you looove water.

-Slugging around. This is something that is quite new to you and you're so fast at it. I can't just leave you without you trying to slug somewhere lol.

-Baby food!! You're a fan.

-Being tickled

-getting your diaper changed. Still the funniest thing ever!

Eating: She nurses when she wakes up and then has some fruit for breakfast stage 1 and than she nurses more through out the day whenever she wants to and she gets veggies for dinner. She's also a fan of apple juice. Her favorite so far I would have to say is Apple sauce, carrots and green beans.
Liya doesn't like:
Sleeping.. Ever since the move she's been a sleep fighter. Guess this new apartment life is way too exciting. 

Not being able to crawl. She's been trying soo hard. Evie and I are her biggest fan, though!

When Mommy is too slow.. Story of my life. :/

 Clothing size:She's still wearing anything from 3-6 to 9 months and occasionally fitting into a 12 depending on the cut. and size 1 with shoes.

Diaper size: 3
Weight: She has a doc appointment next week but I'm gonna guess she's at least 15.lbs! The girl is giving me muscle!
Health: Fantastic. You're such a healthy baby.

Social:You and Evie both are my social butterflies. You love it when people give you attention. When they talk to you, you talk right back and smile. 
Crying:Due to cutting teeth you've been a bit more fussy than normal and I think you're still adjusting to the move which is throwing you both off a bit. I told Leon I'm not moving again until we buy. Other than that you only cry when you're uncomfortable, tired or hungry.
Sleep:You started sleeping in your big girl bed on Easter! You absolutely prefer it and Evie was so excited to have a roommate. You were almost sleeping through the night and only waking once to feed however, since this move happened you've been waking up 3-4 times... Mama is tiiiired.
New things you experienced these last two months:

-You experienced you're first Easter where mommy dressed you up in the cute bunny outfit.. Your welcome. :) 
 -You are now rolling both ways and recently you started doing plants, slugging around and crawl attempting.
-You are exploring so much more now and have recently discovered and learned to love your fingers, toes, and tongue.You are such a silly girl.
-You have always been a early laugher  however, you are laughing so much more now and I love it when you belly laugh and Sissy makes you laugh most of the time.

- Playing with toys is now a favorite activity of yours. You are also testing the boundaries with , Mryour sister's toys and you have found that her dolls, bear and all of her Minnie's and Mickey's are off limits however, you are allowed to play with your Sophie. 

-You experienced your first move. I'll have more on this later but you took it like a champ. However, I'm desiring your one feeding a night schedule back. This three time's a night thing has got to stop, K? :)

You're eating solids now!! Welcome to a new way of life, babe. The life where variety happens. You started Solids April 26th and you've loved ever since. No funny faces for you when you first tried that carrot goodness but instead you demanded more to finished that jar up. 

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