Friday, November 14, 2014

This Marriage thing..It's worth it!

I post pictures of date nights with my husband, but it doesn't mean we're all smiles all the time.

Almost three years into Marriage and we're still finding out new things about each other and still trying to figure out how to live with one another.

My husband.. I love him! Words couldn't even describe. But not because I'm fallen over heels in the clouds for him 24/7.. Because I'm not. I love him because I choose to. Sometimes I feel love towards him, and sometimes I don't. Sometimes we don't even like each other...

Sometimes we really like each other.. A LOT!

But one thing that really keeps us both going and choosing to love each other is love itself.. Because love has the power to break and erase all faults that we see in each other.
And it's not the kind of love that Hollywood demonstrates where love is all about passion and hot sex.. that I personally find myself gagging at.

Or  fantasies that many women (including myself) have always thought their marriage would be like..

 Truth is, Marriage.. It's not about loving a perfect person who fulfills your every desire and leaving you up in the clouds 24/7.

It's a ministry where two imperfect people come together and choose to love one another for The Glory of God. And boy God can do amazing things with a Married couple after His own heart!

 For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Mathew 18:20.

In these almost three years I've learned many things about Marriage and what love really is.. And if I were to share some advice with a newly wedded woman or even a single woman today I'd tell her that this Marriage thing, it isn't always easy..  But man is it worth it!

It's worth it to choose love and sacrifice then to just give up when things aren't going your way.

Because even though Marriage is about selflessness it comes back and benefits you more then you could ever imagine.. Because God is the Author of love and He certainly knows how to write a love story.

Leon and I have had countless amount of arguments in the past. One even lasted for two days *facepalm. Haha and I don't even remember what it was about!

However, Those nights are easily  forgotten about when we're loving on each other while going on a coffee date, or watching late night movies, or even family walks with our sweet daughter.

 Leon and I have so many of  "Our songs" some are from Taylor Swift, Elton John, and Elvis.. Those are songs that remind us of each other and gives us goose bumps for each other. And though we've considered using those songs for our wedding. The ones that tell our story, about our cute love story and obsession with each other we decided to take another direction and chose a song that is "Our song" above all others.
Leon and I came across this song on youtube one day and immediately started dancing to it. It is the only love song that brings tears to both of our eyes and remembering what love really is. It's selfless, patient, kind and most importantly it never fails! It's the strongest and greatest  weapon that God gave us.. 

And in our Marriage, Love is something Leon and I have chosen to do.. Not because we're perfect and it's certainly not easy all the time... But it's worth it and even better love never fails!

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  1. I love this post. It often isn't easy, but keeping your marriage Christ Centered is so important. As you get closer to him, you get closer to each other.


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