Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Evelynne Lorain!

Dearest Evelynne, I cannot believe I'm writing your twenty four month update on the blog today! These two years have been so special and I can't even describe how joyful I am to call you my daughter.. You've made my dreams come true dear one.

You turning two today is so bittersweet for me. I love watching you grow, learning new things and discovering who you are even more but at the same time I just want you to be young forever. I never want you to be to big to be carried around, to be tucked into bed at night and read a story too! But then again maybe that's why these things are so special. Because we know they won't last forever so cherish them. And I do! I pray I never take these things for granted.

These have been the best two years of our lives sweet girl!! Happy Birthday Evelynne Lorain! Now lets go eat some Ice cream cake. ;)
Evelynne's 2 year update.
Evelynne Loves: Minnie Mouse, The outdoors, babies, jewelry, story time, when daddy puts her to bed and morning cuddles.

Favorite foods:
  Homemade Apple cinnamon oatmeal, Apple sauce, rozen blueberries, crackers, pasta, pizza, green veggie smoothies, peppermint milkshakes
What's new this month:
You're officially two and no longer a baby.... Well, you'll always be my baby! =D

You've developed a new love for little babies and it's really the cutest thing ever.

Your communication is fantastic now! I rarely have trouble figuring out what you want.
The very last picture of my one year old!

Was this really two years ago??
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