Monday, November 3, 2014

Our sweet girl's 33 week update.

It seems so unreal to me that I will be holding you in less then two months! I feel like I've waited forever to hold you, smell you, kiss you and see what you look like and yet, I also feel like my pregnancy with you is flying by!

You are already loved by so many and you are being prayed for daily! You were a huge attraction at the conference daddy and I went on last week. There were so many people who wanted to pray over you and speak life over you at the conference and I couldn't be more blessed to see people have such passion for my sweet baby in the womb. 
This one lady loved on you so much she kept coming up to me and hugging me while speaking blessings over you. It was so wonderful! All of our friends and family are just so excited to meet you!
I keep getting so many confirmations that you are going to have a gift of Evangelism just like your daddy. I'm so excited to see what God is going to do in your life. I know it will be life changing.

Baby L's  Stats

How far along: 33weeks! (3rd Trimester)

Sleep: Occasionally waking up with leg pain and often waking up feeling nauseous! Also, we put Evelynne in her big girl bed last week! (EEK)  And even though she's doing great in it I like to make sure she's really asleep before I shut my eyes.

Maternity Clothes: Really missing my skinny jeans with all this fall weather.. I know I could easily go out and buy a pair but with only a month to go I don't see the point. :(

Food cravings:  I'm slowly entering the all things peppermint craving haha! Winter :) Also cheeseburgers and La Madeleine's Potato soup. I love that place!! Maybe even more now that I'm prego.
Food aversions:
Sadly, I'm feeling a bit icky towards coffee again. :(

Symptoms I HAVE: Dealing with an Iron Deficiency. My midwife called me the other day and told me my numbers were low so I've been eating my red meats and taking Iron and I'm believing she'll have something different to say in two weeks!  Also, my legs are breaking out with ugly spider veins that are painful. My legs look so bruised because of them.

Doctor’s Appointment:Well, I had one today but due to my husband having an emergency at his work I had to reschedule. 

Movement: She's slowing down a bit because she doesn't have too much more room to kick high and low lol However, she's still a major kicker at night. :) 

Signs Of labor: a lot of braxton hicks and cramping. I'm hoping it's a sign that we'll have an on the date baby.

Best moment of the last few weeks:
Evelynne and her new love for babies. She loves baby dolls now and whenever we see a baby she asks to pet it while saying "Baby! Baby!" haha. It's so adorable. I'm so looking forward to watching her be a big sister.

Watching people praying over my sweet Liya at the conference.

How's Big sister: Evelynne's doing great and I have absolutely zero doubts in my mind that I'm going to have difficulty getting her adjusted with her sister. She's kissing my belly, loving on her baby dolls and other people's babies. She's already the best and coolest big sister I know.
In this last month of pregnancy I've really been trying harder to make more one on one time with her and doing more crafts and fun outside activities and just doing the stuff she loves. I want to bond with her and love and cuddle with her as much as I possibly can now knowing that I won't be able to do it as much when little sister comes. 
Do you have any advice for baby #2? What to do's and what not to do's? Baby needs?


  1. I have two girls and I worried about the adjustment for my then two year old, and she did wonderfully. My second was colicky and incredibly fussy so unfortunately I had a rough transition to two, but now they are five and three today actually. I have absolutely loved watching their sister bond and love grow over the years. It really is an amazing thing. Enjoy it.

  2. You are almost there! I miss the feeling of a fluttering baby in my tummy!

  3. BEAUTIFUL photos!! It's so pretty where you live! And you seriously look AHmazing, momma! I'm getting so excited for you as you are finally on the downhill ;)


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