Monday, September 15, 2014

I have twin younger sisters.. & today's their Birthday!

Today I get to brag a bit.. I may have never mentioned this but I have the coolest two younger sisters ever!!

These two gems beside me turn twenty two today!! So today this blog is dedicated to them. 

We girls were born only fifteen months apart. And when we weren't pulling out each others hair we were the best of buds. We were homeschooled and raised on a farm so we did pretty much everything together! Our childhood was all about finding squirrels to keep as pets.. (Our parents didn't know about our desire to kidnap squirrels!)  Riding goats bigger then us, raising rabbits, and being best friends.

I was the older one who was boy crazy, wanted to get married and have lots of kids and Suzy and Sarah were all about animals, never wanted to marry and dedicate their lives to horse training and rescuing all 
Now we're  all grown up and chasing our dreams!! I married my best friend and now we are a growing family, and though Suzy and Sarah no longer want to be single for forever they are chasing their dreams all the same and even more so! They're go getters!
When they're not horse back riding, they're doing horse stunts, animal shows, writing, drawing, and so many other things.. They also do mermaid shows!! 
They're not just talented, fearless, and super exciting! They also have a servants heart and they love to bless others with the gifts they have!! (Like giving Evelynne free horse back riding lessons in the future!!) ;)
My little Evelynne loves her aunties and I know she'll forever look up to them and even brag about them to all of her buddies just as I'm doing now.

 Love you Suzy and Sarah!!   Happy Birthday!!






  1. All you girls are wonderful! Love and miss all of you.

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  3. Awww, how sweet! I did not know you had a twin sisters. :) Happy Birthday to them!

  4. Wow! I didn't know you had twin sisters! How fun! And mermaid shows? Too cool!


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