Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Evelynne's 21 month Update.

Girl, I cannot even believe it. Just two more months and you will be a big two year old. There's so many things I want to remember about you which is one of many reasons why I'm so glad I journal and blog. Especially in this busy and tiring reason we're in I never want to forget why this age you're at in has to be one of my top favorites thus far.

You're starting to really figure out who you are. You're getting so much more independent, wanting to do more everything by yourself now and boy does the whole house know when you don't get what you want.. As frustrating as it is sometimes I love that independence in you. The kind of strong willed look on things that you know what you want and you won't stop until you get it. It tells me that you're going to go after whatever you're called to do with all of your heart and strength.
I know now without a doubt you're called to be a leader.. You like to be in charge and you like to know and choose what you're doing. I know you're going to be a great leader and people will follow you with respect and honor because they will see that Jesus leadership difference in you.

Always remember darling, that God has not given you the spirit of fear. But of power, love and a sound mind. Be at peace my darling and always remember that God is for you! And because of that who cares who's against you. I love you! Xoxo - Mama

Evelynne's 21 Month update.
Nicknames: Evie,  Little love,Sweet pea, munchkin, Princess, Little Bear. 

Evelynne Loves: Walks, Mr bear, Micky mouse, Harry the Bunny, talking, When everyone's home, and cars.
Favorite activities:Running, Dancing, pulling herself up on the monkey bars (With daddy's help) Swings, swimming, collecting rocks, painting and picking up fall leaves.
Evelynne doesn't like:Being told "no"//Timeouts//Getting her diaper changed. You know, the usual.

Favorite foods:
Green smoothies, peaches, oatmeal, cheddar cheese, Ice cream, fruit snacks, watermelon, peaches, chocolate & white milk
What you learned how to do this month:
Her new words this month are "More" "Cheese" "Ice" and "Up" a total of 15 words!! You're vocabulary is getting so much better and you are trying to pronounce so much now!
Her new signing word is "Milk"

You have also learned how to blow bubbles by yourself, Spit in the sing after you brush your teeth and we're working on cleaning up after yourself.

You have a great sense of direction. When we go for our walks you know exactly what houses all of your friends live at and where the beach is. 

You are now drinking out of a big girl cup. It's only at the table and that's where it will be for a few years but you love it and you feel so big and so proud of yourself.


  1. So adorable!! My daughter is the same age. :)

  2. WOW - she's growing up so fast! She's adorable and I think looks a lot like you.


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