Friday, November 29, 2013

Like a Morning cup of Coffee Introdutcion.

 Firstly, If you're not a coffee fan I fully give you permission to call my blog "Like a morning cup of tea" or something. If it makes you feel better ;)

Now where were we?

Hey ladies!!

Welcome to my new blog, Like a morning cup of coffee.

(I was previously at A different kind of woman.)

I wish I could invite you to my little home: Sweet seasonal candles burning, toys on the floor, little tea cookies on a pink plate-- I would give you a cup of coffee (or whatever you fancy) with your favorite creamer.
And we would just sit around talking about life, and Jesus while watching the little ones play on the floor..

May this blog be a picture of that. I can't promise you that this blog will be put together all the time. In fact some days it may be even tear stained. But I can promise you that you will be loved!

I pray that this blog will build a sisterhood, spread the love of Jesus, and  help you mama's to remember that you are NEVER alone.
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